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Splash Dance n Swim - Little Mermaids on Koh Tao

2017 03 17 SplashDance 25

We were in the pool last week with Splash Dance and Swim and our budding merkids Isabella and Mia. The new course offered by Splash Dance and Swim is a Mermaid training, available to both locals and vistors alike and will consist of a pool training session and mermaid tail work followed by open water sessions with SplashDance 'n' Swims Director and fully qualified swim instructor Nicola. The Film Co.s Rosemary Allen will be available for bookings to get those precious underwater shots as the children gain their mermaid tails. Find out more at Alternatively try the facebook page.

PADI Pro Underwater Cinematography Course May 2nd - June 6th 2013

The Film Companies Pro Underwater Cinematography course commences on May 2nd. The six week course teaches the individual the skills of underwater video and production commences on February 4th Follow the course link to find out more.

The Film Company's Rosemary Allen produces the Ban's and Sunshine divers performance for Koh Tao festival

The Film Company's very own Rosemary Allen, produced choreographed, directed and performed in the Ban's & Sunshine resort performance for the Koh Tao Festival 0n June 18th.

Not only that but the Film Co. crew got involved and assisted with making the props and filming the performance on the evening.

The festival is designed to raise awareness of the ecological issues surrounding the island and all the participants volunteer there time and efforts to ensure the success of the show.

Poli Nahum of Ban's made all of the basic structures on which the costumes where based and a crew including Berger, Sebastian, Hannah Griffiths, Krista Espilen, Gopi, Baz, Fai, and the DMT team at sunshine assisted with, cutting the cardboard shapes creating chicken wire sculptures, paper mache and painting.

Many thanks go to the cast - Natalie, Kim, Liz, Sebass, Hannah, Pannee, Taylor, Tom, Krista, Nyi, Nikki, Nat, Fai, Shay, Rocky, Kate, Piere, Duncan, Matt, Lars, Petra, Eleane, Emma, Julia, Fifi, and all the other sunshine DMT's

The show was a resounding success and to quote a source

"superb, the best yet!"

Watch this space for the up coming video.

PADI Pro Underwater Cinematography Course April 8th - May 15th 2013

The Film Companies Pro Underwater Cinematography course commences on February 4th. The six week course teaches the individual the skills of underwater video and production commences on April 8th Follow the course link to find out more.

PADI Pro Underwater Cinematographers footage helps make Indian TV show a resounding success

Back in January, thanks to Ban's Diving Resort and the Tourist Authority of Thailand, we worked with Perfect Ten, a travel show for NDTV Good Times in India. The show focuses on the ten "must do" things in each country and features Koh Tao as one of the worlds top Diving destinations.

Our very own, PADI Pro Underwater Cinematographer Michelle Gilham filmed the underwater shots and shots of the dive school for the TV crew, whilst an instructor from Ban's Diving Resort taught the presenter to dive. The show was released in April 2013 and reached an audience of approximately 42 million viewers on it's first showing.

NDTV Good Times is the flagship channel of NDTV Life Style and the show, previously called "Ten things…." won the APNENA english media award in 2011. The show is designed to offer travel tips to a young fashion conscious and adventurous audience.

Nick Zioncheck PADI Pro Underwater Videographer - says farewell to Koh Tao

 The Film Company says good bye to Nick Zioncheck PADI Pro Underwater Cinematographer, who joined us in February 2012. Nick completed  his training back, in April and since then and has proved himself to be a daemon behind the controls of a camera.

He had an opportunity to work with associated partners over in the Similans during his stay earning him some interesting Manta associated nick-names from his colleagues.

We will be featuring a series of his favorite shots on shot of the week over the coming month to remind us all of the great work he has done - the video featured above was shot at Mango Bay around June time.

Nick will be missed as a member of the crew and the Film Company wish him all the best for his next steps, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will be coming back in the not too distant future to join us on the next phases of his adventures.

Good Luck Nick